2021 – 2022 ALABCA Scholarship Information

Scholarship Description HERE (Please read this before filling out the application)

Scholarship Application HERE – to be typed on.
* Application myst be receive IN FULL by September 24, 2021

High School Varsity All-Star Event Information is Just Below

All Workouts & Games are Live Streamed on jockjive.com

2021 Varsity Team Workout and Game Schedule

 2021 High School All-Star Event – Team Daily Itineraries – Updated by June 7, if not before. Parents of attending players will be emailed this once it’s updated.

2021 High School ASE Coaches and Scout Packet – Has Team Rosters, Team Workout & Games Schedule. Updated  by June 12, if not before.

2021 High School All-Star Event Rosters (2022 & 2023 Players) may be found at the bottom of the page when the rosters are set after the Regional Workouts.
All Players, Including Pitchers, must wear turfs or preferably molded bottom cleats when playing in the 2021 High School All-Star Event at Troy University.
All Bull Pen & Game Mounds are supposed to be turfed.

* Both ALABCA All-Star Events will be Live Streamed on JockJive.com!  

If your son is invited to participate in the 22nd Annual ALABCA High School All-Star Event you must do the following to secure his
roster spot –

1. Completely fill out, sign, scan & email both ALABCA & Troy University Waivers to: [email protected] Find the waivers below.
ALABCA Waiver                                      ALABCA & Troy University COVID-19 Waiver

2. Fill out the Players roster information and Pay the Players fee HERE (Pre-registration is closed).
You’ll pay the Players Fee of $450 and for the adult and children banquet meal ticket(s) ahead of time. Please limit the children meals due to limited banquet hall space. Adult event game passes may be purchased on-line or you may do so on-site also. The player’s fee includes: players dorm and meal cost, Butter and Egg outdoors activity fee, insurance, dri-fit top and game hat and a player profile that will be put on the ALABCA website and seen by college coaches. * If a player has to back out of the event once paying his participants fee, he’ll be reimbursed his fee only after an alternate is selected. Never a problem unless it’s last minute. Then your participants fee has a greater chance of not being reimbursed. Same with adult meals if the new players parents don’t buy them you will not be reimbursed because the ALABCA is charged for them once we give Troy University the head count a week ahead of time. You may send in your total fee in the form of a money order or cashiers check (no personal checks accepted). Fill the hard copy form out found HERE and send it in with your money order or cashiers check. Please email Barry Dean at [email protected] and let him know you’re doing this. Thank you.

Other Items of Importance

* Click HERE to see: The Varsity Players Game and Workout Schedule.

* Click HERE to see: What to bring, When to arrive, local hotel Information, etc.


Final 2021 Varsity ALABCA All-Star Event Rosters – Posted as of June 11, 2021.
Several players were chosen from the June 1 – 3 Regional Workouts. Many nominated players turned down the invitation to participate
due to other summer baseball commitments. Only 8 teams with the appropriate amount of pitching could be filled by All-Star Event time.

The Revised Varsity Team Workout and Game Schedule

Team 1 – Cardinal
Cardinal Team – Daily Itineraries

Team 2 – Black
Black Team – Daily Itineraries

Team 3 – Columbia Blue
Columbia Team – Daily Itineraries

Team 4 – Red
Red Team – Daily Itineraries

Team 5 – Navy
Navy Blue Team – Daily Itineraries

Team 6 – Royal
Royal Blue Team – Daily Itineraries

Team 7 – Forest Green
Forest Green Team – Daily Itineraries

Team 8 – Gray
Gray Team – Daily Itineraries