2020 – 2021 Membership Only & Membership/Convention Form
See the bottom of this page to find the Membership form to send in with a check
or to join online & to Book Your 2021 Convention Room at the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel & Spa
(Room block is held until January 1, 2021, based on availability)

Membership runs from September 1, 2020 – August 31, 2021

26th State Coaches Convention: Renaissance Hotel & Spa – 201 Tallapoosa Street – Montgomery, AL. 36104
January 14 – 16, 2021

Convention Pre-Reg is closed as of December 22, 2020. However Coaches may register on-site January 14 – 16, 2021
at the Renaissance in Montgomery. Cash, School Checks and Credit Cards (add 4% to all transactions) will be
accepted on-site.
To expedite your on-site registration, scroll to the bottom of this page and print off the
membership/convention form and have it completely filled out and bring it to on-site registration. On-site convention fee
is $120 per attendee (+ membership).
Thank you for your support!

Coaches may register for the Virtual Convention up until January 13. Virtual Attendees must join the
ALABCA ($60 Individual or $150 Staff) and pay the Virtual Fee of $90. Attendees will receive an ALABCA Note Pad
and Pen and Golf Hat and Professional Development form in the mail. If you can’t watch it live you may go back
and watch it. Virtual attendees will receive the password the week of the convention,
if you don’t please text Barry Dean at (334)676-0434. Thank You.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to register online for the Virtual Convention to watch the Speakers Live!

* See the January 14 – 16, 2021 Coaches Convention Itinerary HERE
Speakers at the 2021 Convention: Karl Nonemaker (Auburn), Nate Trosky (Milwaukee Brewers/
Trosky Baseball), Perry Roth (UAB), Blake Lewis (Lawson State C.C.), Matt Hancock (Troy University),
Andrew Poarch (Snead State C.C.), Dan Holcomb (Seattle Mariners), Bubba Frichter (Enterprise State C.C.),
Shaynes Carnes (Mortimer Jordan HS), Andrew Carden (Coastal Alabama-South C.C.),
Thomas Twitty (Pure Performance) 

* See the 2021 Awards Banquet Honorees, Hall of Fame, Distinguished Service Honorees,
Players & Coaches of the Year HERE.

Register Online At www.alabca.org Or Mail Checks To ALABCA, P.O. Box 3881, Montgomery, AL. 36109

Middle or High School Staff, JV Staff may come under the High School, Middle School Staff must join by themselves. $150.00
Travel Ball Staff $150.00
College Staff $150.00
Individual $60.00

* Please choose one membership category above per joining member or staff.

* Staff memberships are recommended for staffs with two or more joining members.

* Middle School, High School and College Coaches Only Membership includes $1 Million liability and sexual defense insurance policy for all members. AHSAA Coaches who have a coaches card already have this insurance coverage. When joining as an Individual or Staff please put each members personal information. Thank you.

CONVENTION TYPE – Fee Per Attendee (Each Attendee must be an ALABCA Member) FEES
Early Bird (by December 22), Extended from Dec. 10 – 22 $80.00
On-Site Reg. (After December 22), Must do on-site. $120.00
* Virtual Convention Attendance, Up Until January 13, 2021 (New option as of December 8, 2020) $90.00
Awards Banquet w/ Convention (by January 9) $40.00
Awards Banquet w/o Convention (by January 9) $50.00
Awards Banquet Child’s Meal (by January 9) $25.00

*Please check all boxes that apply for each name listed. MUST BE AN ALABCA MEMBER TO ATTEND CONVENTION.

$80: Pre-registration “Early Bird” Convention Fee (Postmarked/or registered online by December 22).
The Early Bird Pre-Reg. option has been extended to Dec. 22 as of Dec. 8. 

$90: Virtual Convention Fee: Attendee will receive a password to view the speakers live online. They’ll also receive a professional development form,
ALABCA Golf Hat, Notepad and Pen. * New Option as of December 8, 2020.

$120: On-Site Convention Fee (if you miss the December 22 pre-reg mail in / online date). Please DO NOT mail anything in after December 22.

$40: Awards Banquet Ticket (Attending Convention), Must be pre-ordered by January 9, 2021, No walk up tickets available. Picked up at check-in.

$50: Awards Banquet Ticket (Not Attending Convention) Must be pre-orderd by January 9, 2021, No walk up tickets available. Picked up at check-in.

$25: Awards Banquet Children’s Ticket: $25 (12 and under, Chicken Fingers and fries), Pre-ordered by January 9. Pick up ticket(s) at check-in.

* The ALABCA urges AHSAA & AISA High School and Middle School, Travel Ball and College Baseball Coaches & Professional Scouts to join as members, either as individuals or as a staff if that applies. Any individual may join the ALABCA, and also attend the January Convention, should they have an interest in learning baseball and supporting the ALABCA. The million dollar liability coverage that comes with a membership ONLY APPLIES to AHSAA and AISA and College Baseball Coaches if they do not already have coverage. All AHSAA Baseball Coaches who have a coaches card already have this liability/sexual defense coverage.

Common Question: When you join your staff for $150, then each Coach attends the Convention, what’s the total cost?

Staff Membership for 3 or more Coaches $150.00
Convention Registration by 12/09/20
$80 per Coach, $100 per Coach by 12/22/20
3 Coaches pre-reg by 11/13 x $80
This is an example for 3 coaches attending the convention. The cost is $80 per
individual coach attending the convention (by Dec. 09), $100 (by Dec. 22) + their membership fee.
Total Due $390.00

If you have any questions please call/text Barry Dean at (334) 676-0434. Thank You.

* If you pay online still print this off for your general info.